Aamir Khan Stops Gomez

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Aamir Khan Stops Gomez

Post  -=[Sportalk]=- on Sat Aug 30, 2008 6:49 pm

Aamir Khan Stops Gomez

Khan, just two wins away from having 20 undefeated professional matches, received a heavy left hook from Gomez in round 2 which left him on the floor. This came after delivering an onslaught of blows to Gomez in the first round which knocked him down.

During the fourth round, Gomez came after Khan again with that ferocious left hook. Khan was obviously affected by this, but with his speed and agility, he managed to come back in round five, countering hard and non stop until he floored Michael Gomez on the ring. He continued throwing combinations, heatedly whipping Gomez until the referee, John Keane, had to intervene and break the fight up.


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